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About Us

Hi there, we are Sarah & Katie Bizanovich!
• Two sisters who would love to tell your story.
• Booking 2020 + 2021
• WV, PA, OH

Let’s take a seat at our virtual table, and have a cup of coffee while we take a moment to fully introduce ourselves!

Katie Bizanovich is the Photographer for TSG Photography. When she was 13, her parents bought her a small digital camera (you know those colored ones every teenager had) and she instantly fell in love with taking photos. A while later, she got her first “big girl” camera and started taking photos of her friends just for fun, and it inspired her to make this her dream job forever. 11 years later, with 4 photography awards, 2 photos in print publications, and a photograph placed on display at TAMARACK in WV, the dream is still the same. She doesn’t just take photos, she is here for a meaningful experience with those you love, to capture those special moments, and tell your story in a beautiful way. She’s here to listen to your vision, carry it out, and exceed your expectations.

Sarah Bizanovich is the videographer for TSG Photography. 8 years ago, she filmed her first wedding, and instantly knew this was the job for her. Since then, she has filmed numerous weddings and has worked to become the Director of Creative Production Services for TSG/TSG Photography. Sarah develops concepts for filming and selects music and other elements to complement the tone and message of the story, creating an engaging, cinematic video experience. Today, she still loves capturing your special day and puts her heart and soul into creating something that you will cherish forever.